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Keeping it casual, Bieber wore a gray hoodie and sweatpants while Gomez wore a brown jacket and striped top.

She also continued to sport her bright blond hairdo, which she debuted on the red carpet at the 2017 American Music Awards before her comeback performance."Selena and Justin arrived separately for Wednesday night church services at [Churchome]," a source told E! "Selena was in a great mood, chatting with friends and happy to see them.

It looks like Bieber and Gomez enjoyed a good conversation and a little PDA, too.

"It seemed like a serious conversation, but Selena broke into a smile a few times," the source said. She didn't want to let him go and then they kissed quickly and said goodbye.

However, a series of meet-ups—including spending time at Gomez's Los Angeles home and enjoying a bike ride—seemed to suggest they had rekindled their old flame.

They mingled before sitting down for the service."However, they weren't the only celebrities to attend the service that evening.Notice how The Weeknd isn’t getting the same criticism for going for his ex’s friend?In short: Selena Gomez can date whoever the f*** she wants. Selena Gomez is reportedly dating The Weeknd – well, she’s definitely snogging him in public. It looks like Selena may have broken the ‘girl code’ and that is not something we can get on board with.Selena Gomez shouldn’t be cast as a betraying backstabber for exploring her attraction to another person, just because she might be friends with that person’s ex.It’s unfair, overly moralistic, and, might I add, a little bloody sexist.

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