Intimidating whites

"Whites are people too" is the title of a You Tube video making the rounds on the Internet.A lot of stuff is happening in the world of race relations and little of it points towards a post-racial society.

Stories are important, too.) You’ve never worked with egg whites before. Not only do you not have to worry about making a mess trying to separate the egg white from the yolk, but you’ll also avoid the chance of looking like an idiot if you do something wrong during the cocktail-making process.Because of the many efforts by professional race mongers such as the SPLC, the NAACP, and the like, hatred against your people has heightened to a level I have never before seen in my half-century of life on this earth.It terrifies me, and I wonder if perhaps fair-minded persons like yourself could help ameliorate this in some way?If you support what we do and want to see more articles then please consider making a donation which will enable us to keep this site running, and able to expand what we do.Finding the time to research and write with a hectic domestic life isn’t always easy so all contributions are greatly appreciated.

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