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The pressure comes from your own desire to do better rather than any pushback from the game's own systems, and while upping the difficulty makes it mechanically harder to snipe by removing visual assists and other features, it can't make the wonky drones patrolling in front of you any tougher to engage.Naturally, the closer you get to those enemies, the more their flaws become apparent.There's always been a linguistic connection between sex and violence, and no game illustrates it quite so viscerally as Sniper Elite.This is the series that has made its name by fetishising the entry of a bullet into the human body almost to the point of parody.More than anything, it's reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, only with eight sizeable mission areas rather than one and an emphasis on long-range engagements over melee stealth kills.I found that revisiting completed missions to try harder difficulties almost always meant moments of exciting realisation as I discovered buildings, tunnels and other secrets that I'd completely missed first time through.

This usually revolves around the same persistent, burning question: can I get him in the nuts from here?

The ragdoll physics, so essential in making those gory killshots work, are just as likely to result in bodies lodging upside down in walls or juddering in mid-air.

More damaging, the dimwitted AI that held back the previous games is no smarter this time around.

That headline feature, of course, returns for Sniper Elite 3, which switches the action from the ruins of Berlin seen in 2012's Sniper Elite v2 to the more interesting terrain of the North African campaign. You're sent behind enemy lines to sneak around and disrupt the Nazi war machine, and you do this by graphically demolishing the faces, torsos and testicles of as many German troops as possible.

You don't need to subscribe to Freud's theories of psychoanalysis to see the connection, as bullets burst forth from your rifle with ejaculatory zeal.

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