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The color palate is vast, with varying shades conveniently connected on a rotating wheel.

You can start with red and switch to the lightest shade of pink or a deep reddish brown.

Recolor uses the tap-to-fill style of coloring, which can be very helpful when you are trying to fill in those tiny objects.

In addition to the flat color gamut, you can upgrade to gradients and "Live" colors, which make things have a sort of swirling effect.

You can pick from five different artist tools to work with, and you have the ability to adjust the brush size of each.If coloring can sometimes stress you out because of all of that movement you have to use with your hands, Colorfy will give you a pleasant experience without all of the scribbling action.Recolor takes the whole digital coloring thing to the next level with 3D objects that you can actually color all sides of.There are dozens of free pages, and plenty of great tools, but if you are a coloring fanatic, you can subscribe to Pigment's premium service for hundreds of illustrations, additional brushes, and new coloring books each week.If you color in real life and are looking to recreate that experience on your i Pad, Pigment is the best app in the App Store.

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Lake also has the unique feature of offering you the ability to purchase a 12-page coloring book by each artist, individually.

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