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They respond immediately, no matter how inane your question might be. About a year and a half ago I started dating a girl who was studying for her Ph D in French, so obviously that language was her life.When I started thinking about proposing, I decided I wanted to learn French for her and be able to propose in French (with several sentences, not just "will you marry me").In fact, I got myself into trouble because people thought I spoke like a native and they would start vomiting information in my general direction at lighting speed.No one believed that I could have learned the language with a computer program. Customer service at Fluenz puts every other company to shame.So I posted on Fluenz's online message board to ask for help.This is an excellent time to point out how constantly impressed I've been with Fluenz's customer support and interaction with their customers.It’s sort of like teaching someone to play the piano.

I was very happy with how far I had come, but I knew I wasn't quite comfortable with translating and pronouncing a proposal all on my own.

With Fluenz, I feel like I enjoyed learning more and that the learning "stuck." Rather than being thrown in the deep end and being expected to figure things out for myself, I liked having an on-screen tutor explain grammar rules and vocabulary.

I also liked the various techniques used, and I'll get into that more after my story.

The conversation is followed by a thorough breakdown of the new vocab and structures by the on-screen tutor.

This is the most useful part of the program, and the thing that really distinguishes Fluenz from a lot of other language programs out there, because it's a clear explanation of the "rules" and vocabulary of French.

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After researching various options I picked Fluenz as my method of learning (the free demo on their website is what sold me).

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