Example of backdating

If you have not reported a highway issue to us before you should report this to us via our dedicated Report it Tool.

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We’ll aim to respond in 20 working days and if we are unable to do so we will tell you why.But the majority ruled that the state appeals court did not unreasonably apply U. Supreme Court precedent on confessions under the AEDPA standard: “The state appellate court drew on fairly detailed findings of fact, which were not clearly erroneous, and provided a terse but sufficient explanation for why the trial court’s decision was a reasonable application of the broad totality-of-the-circumstances test.” The majority acknowledged facts that supported Dassey’s argument. He had intellectual disabilities, and police assured leniency for honesty while asking suggestive questions, “leading him at times to seem to guess.” “At times it appeared as though Dassey did not grasp the gravity of his confession – after confessing to rape and murder, he asked the officers if he would be back at school that afternoon in time to turn in a project,” Judge Hamilton noted.But the majority said other factors pointed the other way. And he volunteered his confessions through open-ended questions.Detectives questioned the 16-year-old Dassey during a three-hour interrogation and ultimately, Dassey confessed to raping Halbach and helping his uncle kill her.Halbach was a photographer and Avery had hired her to take photos of a car he was selling.

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