Origin of dating

These "prestige" marks will name the manufacturer as well as the country and are normally very elaborate looking things with lions and crowns and coats of arms and so on - all intended to impress the brash Yankees.

Archaeologists found about 70 examples of these kinds of messages in one cemetery alone.Tradition holds that the sea then receded three miles to reveal Clement's body buried by angels in a marble mausoleum.This is hardly a believable tale, but the story of Clement's martyrdom clearly inspired the persecuted Church. Scholars have found only a few examples dating as late as the middle of the third century, and none after 300 A. Their most common explanation is that as the Empire went from persecuting the Church to sponsoring it, Christians no longer needed secret symbols to identify themselves.Among them, the major importers to the United States were Poland, Hungary, and especially Czechoslovakia.Items with these marks dated between about 19 when WWII began. Czecho-slovakia (with a hyphen) dates an item as having been produced in the 1920s.

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