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The perfect travel rods, the Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Casting Rods are also backed by a 5-year warranty.

-IM-7 graphite construction-Multi-piece travel rod construction (3-piece)-V-Flex ferrule jointed system-Un-sanded micro pitch taping blank-Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides-Machined Aluminum Nut Hood-Split grip design with EVA foam grip-Hook keeper-Daiwa Logo Travel Case-5-year warranty Click the logo to read their review.

Premium Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides offer incredible durability, and also facilitate excellent casting capabilities.

Mine stays in my trunk and goes on every trip I take.Throw your fat around with the first fat body DT from Rapala. Even with all that abuse, paint is still holding up great and no problems with the bill whatsoever. It rolls almost all the way over, creating a massive wake.Other crankbaits fear heavy cover, but the aggressive wobble and square lip of the new DT Fat plow through cover while rooting out the hawgs. landed 52 fish on the same bait, all northern pike and bass. By far the best wake bait/shallow crankbait I have yet to throw. From: Comments: Got the DT1 in hot mustard for my local pond. love how you can crank it down or lift it up to use as a wake bait. It deflects really well, and wakes well in open water.If I fly, they always let me just waltz on the plane with it and I stash it under the seat. I fish a lot of river systems & this bait crushes the smallmouth & pike. The pike hit it so aggressively that I had to start removing the third treble at the tail of the bait because it was sticking them too deeply in their throats.If I ever do break a guide or something, I like this rod so much I might just have a set of Torzites wrapped on it to totally put it over the top. I only use this bait using one technique: I use shorts casts or pitch it near structure along the banks of rivers. I can't attest to its swimming action, but this bait does exactly what I need/want it to do, and it is extremely effective.

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