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After this, things are somewhat "troubled" between husband and wife, however, after their problems are resolved the "Special Unit" track down the Roswell 3 which sees the end of Jesse and Isabel...

Shiri Appleby - Liz Parker Jason Behr - Max Evans Katherine Heigl - Isabel Evans Brendan Fehr - Michael Guerin Majandra Delfino - Maria De Luca Nick Wechsler - Kyle Valenti William Sadler - Sheriff Jim Valenti Colin Hanks - Alex Whitman Emilie de Ravin - Tess Harding12 years of Roswell: Did you know that 2011 marked the 12th anniversary of Sci-Fi series Roswell?

Compare Private Eye Monologue, a similar narrative style typically used in Film Noir.

Jesse Ramirez, a lawyer from Harvard now working for Phillip Evans who just happens to be the father of Isabel Evans (the human-alien hybrid that Jesse is now secretly dating.

“People in a building with no windows for 10 years, all day, every day and then let them out, they are going to drift apart.

This was to be about three teens that were half-alien, half-human, with no idea of who they were or where they originally came from.

A young high school girl, Liz Parker, is shot by a stray bullet at her family's restaurant, yet is healed by a secretive student that goes to her school.

This student turns out to be an alien/human hybrid...who, as it so happens, has fallen in love with Liz.

Now being a part of the secret, Jesse is pursued by the third Roswell alien Michael and the FBI.

Doing all he can to protect his wife; Jesse puts everything on the line.

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A voiceover of the lead character talking out a journal or diary entry.

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