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But if you want to try your hand at making your own Half-Moon Cookies on a slightly smaller scale, Saveur magazine published the recipe in 2000, scaled down to a more manageable 30 cookies for the home cook. I noticed it was chocolate so quickly grabbed the last one. Here in MA you can’t get a chocolate based black and white. Sometimes we get them from Wegmans or the Store in Dryden n.y. i know some recipies dont multiply well if certain alterations are not done. WHITE HALF MOON COOKIES 1 1/2 CUPS OF SUGAR 3/4 CUP SHORTENING 2 EGGS 1 CUP SOUR MILK (1 CUP LESS 2TLBS OF MILK AND ADD 2 TLBS VINEGAR AND LET SET 5 MINUTES) 3 CUPS OF FLOUR 1/2 TEA SALT 1 TEA BAKING POWDER 1 TEA BAKING SODA CREAM THE BUTTER AND SUGAR, ADD EGGS AND MIX WELL. YOU CAN MAKE THESE ANY SIZE USING DIFFERENT SIZE SCOOPS.I feel the need to state right up front these cookies, while not technically hard to make, are pretty time consuming to make. I’m not sure who bakes for Wilson hospital but they made my day… i know most cake type cookie freeze well so why not. I’ve had the following recipe for white half moons for 35 years and don’t remember where I got it from. BAKE AT 350 DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF THE COOKIE, IT COULD TAKE A BIT LONGER.

People who are new to the building are told about this ghost and the name given to him, "Jason." (for no real reason)To this day there have been many reports from people who travel down there for old documents and books.

September 2004 update: a new Fine Arts building has been built and the old Fine Arts building is now the Graphic Design building. One is a 7 year old little girl killed in a fire, another is a priest, another is a musician who committed suicide in Chicago and another is a gardener.

the ghosts that reside there are from an orphanage and died in a fire in the bacement set by the owner/caretaker that also haunts the premisis. The Dean of Students has all the details and gives a presentation on it every year. located on Alumni Quad is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman.

The recipe used today is the original one dating from over 80-years ago. Airtight container, waxed paper layers, unrefrigerated. I happened to be in Wilson hospital waiting for my mother to get out of the operating room. There’s nothing better than half-moons with a giant glass of milk!

It is a handwritten recipe still tacked to the wall of the bakery and produces 2400 cookies. My email is…I have the recipe for home dairy half moon cookies and its so different then yours we never used butter in them we used marginine and we used softened bakers chocolate in both cookies and frosting they were so good I make them at holidays If I wanted to try making “two bite” sized cookies (for a bake sale during a 15 minute play intermission) what would you suggest I go with? I wandered into the cafeteria and the mist beautiful half moon was there at the register. If they can’t get them from Light’s, then they grab some from Wegmans. it feels like i need that size when ever my kids have a school gathering lol.

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  1. Thomas knew well, after all, that Peter was the rock on whom Christ built His Church (Matt. He was sentenced by the court to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, the punishment for treason committed by non-nobles, but his friend King Henry commuted it to beheading. Thomas More for us is a book that he wrote in that tower. Thomas’s own sufferings gave him insights into the sufferings of Christ — including His loneliness — that might help us join our suf­ferings to Christ’s.