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The doctor asked me why they want you dead cause they are trying to kill you. Now i am better thanks to a good doctor and the fact that my sisters dead lawyers wife Alica Olmyer told us everything about how her husband had my father lock me up and how his friend Dr.Thomas was paid to diagnose me as a crazy so i could not testify or ever be able to have a voice to fight this attack on my father and family and this country.Buddy Newman and my uncles couldn't have me breeding, IT was a threat to their purity and what my uncles want his children above me and my loved ones as my wife was not white but India and welsh made.this drove my ignorant child raping drug dealing clan backed uncles to murder every in law and punish all those related who crossed the white cocaine backed power line.People that were at the murder of my daughter said how they held her down and put morphine up her rectum to kill her and then Lance Burton raped her dead body and they all went out to eat pizza and stole all her things this all done with the help of law enforcement to kill my daughter cause like all the others they kill she didn't want to be like them and nor did can in the full autopsy see see put up a fight.

The attacks on me would get worse as they tried to kill me with hammer after forcing their way into my house in Vicksburg .

These canals were used to move drugs in to the city from the ST.

Bernard Boat yard where Salvador De vincinti 's brother works, Salvador is the dirty narcotics cop that was the shooter in the George Fleming death and Anna Smollen death on Marinay st. The man that the say killed my wife had no guns or money to buy guns he was black and a patsy for my families murder of my wife and her children.

impossible odds of that happening, but they didn't stop there they killed my dad with the use of Blake Pearson whom they rewarded with a top job after he helps set up my daughter and rapes her .

My daughter is so strung out on cocaine provided by the sheriff and the others involved in these attacks on me and dad that she depends on Blake who was hired to kill her grand father in infiltrate my daughters life helping to set her up for murder as many other in the town have been murdered Lans snow,,sheriff deputy Cole, Furniture aries MRS.

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Because i know of Phillips Scurria's involvement in George Fleming's.s murder This is from the first attack on me in New Orleans , By people that worked for my uncles and the dirty cops they had in New Orleans.

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