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Seel, who had managed to get into his survival suit before getting tossed into the sea, confirmed that the Big Valley capsized and went down quickly; three men died shortly after falling into the sea with no survival suits on.The Coast Guard found another man wearing a survival suit and pulled him from the water, but declared him dead shortly thereafter.As the rest of the boats neared the fishing grounds, a Coast Guard alert was issued to the fleet: An EPIRB, belonging to the F/V Big Valley, had been activated, and no one on the Big Valley was answering radio hails or satellite phone calls.Three fishing vessels, including Maverick and the Cornelia Marie, started the search, joined just before dawn by a Coast Guard helicopter, but found nothing at the position indicated by the EPIRB.The Bering Sea claimed the lives of six fishermen less than a day into the opilio crab season.Crab pots had been soaking for 12 hours, despite the loss of human life the crews began to pull pots.The crews of the ships set all of their crab pots and waited to retrieve them up.The greenhorns started to feel fatigued after only one night.

The fleet is forced to make difficult decisions about whether to continue last-minute pot placements or pull in all of their gear and cut their losses on the short season rather than violate the law.The Hansen brothers on board the Northwestern decide not to launch any more pots and instead go after a string of pots in the northern king crab waters that Sig dubs "Long Tall Sally"; the decision is rewarded when the pots come in huge, enabling the Northwestern to win the final King Crab Derby title.The crews rush to finish pulling in the last of the crab pots for the season and head back to Dutch Harbor to get in line for the crab processor.The last man was found from the Big Valley disaster, raising the death toll to five, with Cache Seel as the only survivor.The boats of the fleet were finally able to begin casting pots after a day of delays.

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