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Those of you who ride motorcycles will know exactly what I'm talking about here.Those of you who don't - will hopefully learn something. I've been riding a motorcycle my entire adult life and I've been paying attention.Front and rear cover photos of members riding their machines at the Brands Hatch “Motor 100” event.Riders not named but include Don Leeson (Suzuki), Tony Milk (CB92 special), Dennis lodge (Bridgestone GTR) Eric Warburton (CB750) 5 others I don’t recognise A very young looking Don Leeson with his newly restored Suzuki TC250, John Surtees pictured in front of what looks like an early factory Honda, Pete Rhodes with his CB72 racer, voted best bike at the AGM, Mike Garnett with his newly restored CB72, image of Doug Perkins with a (colour tinted) green face.Inside front cover a photo of Club members and their bikes from the VJMC AGM at Stanford Hall in 1983.Members are - Keith Newton: Honda CB92, John Steele: Yamaha YDS6, Don Leeson: Suzuki T500, Dennis Lodge: Bridgestone GTR and Doug Perkins: Kawasaki H1A.2 pages of member’s bikes from the 1984 AGM at Stanford Hall.Photo of Pete Rhodes new special which is a CB72/77 with a CB450 twin cam cylinder head, Dave Marsden’s Kawasaki H1, Don Leeson’s Suzuki TC250, Chris Thomas’s Kawasaki Avenger, voted Best Japanese at the Belle Vue Show.Front and rear cover photos from the Brandon (Suffolk) Show, Dave Jupp with Honda S65 on the front and Thomas Wahle & friends (from Germany) with his Suzuki GT750 plus Chris Holiday’s Suzuki T250 on the rear.

The Honda’s are covered in 1 page, Yamaha’s in 2 pages and the Kawasaki’s in 3 pages.

Fingers may either show a "peace" sign or be spread open palm side out.

Here, the initiator is sending a clear signal that he acknowledges you.

- Left hand raised high in the air as if to say, "Hi mom!

" This one is specifically reserved for the new rider, who is "SO excited to be one of the gang! All the secrets behind those mysterious motorcycle hand greetings revealed (not to be confused with the standard hand "turn" signals).

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