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Thus, "p5a" or "p A5" would indicate page 5 in the first additional section of the paper.Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses.In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.Abad, Ronald, and Marie-Elena George are wed 1/26/63: 2/7/63p5 Abbott, Charles R., died 3/?died 10/12/69: 10/23/69p3 Bailey, John, and Trudy Frost are wed 6/24/67: 7/6/67p4 Baird, Carl, and Anita Berry are wed 11/12/60: 11/17/60p4 Baker, Aurore B., died 3/6/63: 3/7/63p3 Baker, Bert R., died 4/1/64: 4/2/64p3 Baker, Carlyle B., died 9/12/69: 9/18/69p3 Baker, Cora M., died 8/24/63: 8/29/63p3 Baker, Doris Arlene, retires after 40 years in City employ: 12/12/63p3 Baker, Eli B., died 12/1/62: 12/6/62p3 Baker, Eva M., died 4/21/63: 4/25/63p3 Baker, Evelyn, fulfills dream of landing a sailfish: 1/18/62p3 Baker, George, died 12/2/69: 12/11/69p3 Baker, Linda, wins Jaycees essay contest: 2/24/66p1 Baker, M&M Carlyle, celebrate 38th anniversary: 3/25/65p4 Baker, Mary E., died 5/31/68: 6/6/68p3 Baker, Mrs.George, prepares for big OES night: 2/2/67p5 Balch, Constance, and William Canney are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4 Balcom, Albert E., died 5/30/65: 6/3/65p3 Balcom, Jane, and David Ridings are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62p4 Balodis, Anna L., died 6/8/65: 6/17/65p3 Balodis, Eve, is Tenerif Sports Club Queen: 3/24/60p B6 Balomenos, Costas A., died 5/28/65: 6/3/65p3 Balomenos, Roger, and Jacqueline Foster are wed 1/16/60: 1/21/60p4 Balomenos, Velma L., died 9/14/69: 9/18/69p3 Bammarito, Rose, and Alan Weinstein are wed: 7/27/67p4 Banis, Carole-Lynn, and Richard Lenfest are wed: 3/2/67p4 Banister, Rolfe G., died 11/24/64: 12/3/64p3 Banks Jr., Sgt.

/69: 4/3/69p4 Boudreau, Mary P., died 1/27/62: 2/1/62p3 Boudreau, Patricia L., died 11/6/68: 11/7/68p3 Boudreau, Richard, and Geraldine Day are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4 Boudreau, Richard, and Pamela La Gasse are wed 9/4/65: 9/9/65p4 Bouffard, Richard P., died 11/18/65: 11/25/65p3 Bougas, George, died 11/6/60: 11/10/60p3 Boulanger, Ovila, died 1/9/60: 1/14/60p3 Boulanger, Wilfred R., died 5/?

are wed 11/18/61: 11/23/61p4 Breton, Laura M., died 6/17/67: 6/22/67p3 Breton, Lorraine, and Robert Demers are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4 Breton, Philias, died 10/29/62: 11/1/62p3 Breton, Rosilda C., died 5/2/69: 5/8/69p3 Breton, Sharon, and Norris Young are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4 Breton, Theodule, died 2/22/60: 2/25/60p3 Brewer, Norma, and Paul Hodgdon are wed: 7/9/64p4 Brewster, William, and Ida Hale are wed 5/1/64: 5/7/64p4 Bridges, Leslie, and Muriel Belair are wed 9/4/61: 9/14/61p4 Bridges, Robert, and Marvis Hilliard are wed 8/9/69: 8/14/69p4 Briggs, Llewellyn E., died 8/13/62: 8/16/62p3 Briggs, Marjorie, and Victor Hartford are wed: 11/22/62p5 Briggs, Mary J., died 12/7/67: 12/14/67p3 Brigham, William, and Gertrude Lanoie are wed 9/4/61: 9/7/61p4 Bright, Robert, and Elaine Tremblay are wed 11/22/68: 12/12/68p4 Brisacoe, Gladys E., died 8/12/69: 8/14/69p3 Britton III, Darrell, and Barbara Quint are wed 2/17/60: 2/25/60p4 Britton, Paul, and Elaine Letendre are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4 Britton, Philip, died 8/25/68: 8/29/68p3 Broadbent, Richard, and Carole Ferm are wed 6/23/68: 6/27/68p2,7/4/68p8 Broadbent, Richard, earns Army Commendation medal: 1/23/64p2 Broadbent, Richard, nominated for US Army Soldier's Medal: 4/18/63p B2 Broadbent, Robert, wins BPO Achievement Award: 4/29/65p1 Brochu, Carlene, and Don Day are wed 9/10/60: 9/15/60p4 Brochu, Elizabeth S., died 9/17/68: 9/19/68p3 Brochu, Henry L., died 5/5/69: 5/8/69p3 Brochu, O'Neil, and Joyce Pierce are wed 7/20/68: 8/8/68p6 Brock, Fred S., died 11/7/66: 11/17/66p3 Brock, Grace H., retires after 37 years in education: 6/30/60p1 Brock, Kenneth H., died 6/19/65: 6/24/65p3 Brodsky, Leanor, and Paul Rosenberg are wed 8/19/62: 8/23/62p4 Brogan, Alice M., died 4/22/67: 4/27/67p3 Brooks, Donald, and Sharon Hall are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4 Brooks, Ernest P., died 4/30/68: 5/9/68p3 Brooks, Frank W., died 8/17/65: 8/19/65p3 Brooks, Gladys M., died 1/21/61: 1/26/61p3 Brooks, H.

Bruce, and Charlotte Stanley are wed 3/23/66: 3/30/66p4 Brooks, John C., family holds reunion: 9/21/61p4 Brooks, John C., family reunion held: 6/30/60p4 Brooks, John C., family reunion held: 9/13/62p A3 Brooks, John, family reunion held: 9/16/65p2 Brooks, Kay, and Ralph Barber are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69p4 Brooks, Linda, and Elias Locke are wed 9/7/68: 9/12/68p A10 Brooks, Linda, celebrates 18th birthday: 3/5/64p C6 Brooks, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/30/67p A12 Brooks, Melvyn D., died 12/9/62: 12/13/62p7 Brooks, Nancy, and Frederick Rodney Jr.

/63: 1/24/63p3 Bonney, George H., died 3/24/69: 3/27/69p3 Bonser, Byron S., died 7/26/62: 8/2/62p3 Bonser, Donna, and Erwin Fenske are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63p4 Boocock, Hazel, died 6/22/68: 6/27/68p3 Boodey, Julia, and Floyd Mundy are wed: 6/29/67p4 Boomer, Sandra, and Alan Hodsdon are wed 5/3/69: 5/8/69p4 Booth, Frank, ran fishing and hunting lodge in Cuba: 3/12/64p A3 Boothby, Deborah, and Norman Poitras are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p8 Boothby, Lloyd B., died 2/14/69: 2/20/69p3 Boothby, M&M Lloyd, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/15/65p A10 Bossie, Stephen, and Donna Solsky are wed: 6/24/65p4 Boston, Asa W., died 2/4/60: 2/11/60p3 Boston, Ernest M., died 1/8/66: 1/13/66p3 Boston, Floyd E., died 12/12/64: 12/17/64p3 Boston, Herman D., died 1/26/67: 2/2/67p3 Boston, Louise, and Edward Hendrickson wed 4/23/60: 5/12/60p4,5/19/60p4 Boston, Steven, died 8/17/60: 8/18/60p3 Bostrom, David, and Gladys Campbell are wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4 Bouchard, Donna, and Paul Leclair are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4 Bouchard, Drina, and Drew Denmead are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4 Bouchard, Drina, competes for the Miss America title: 9/8/60p1,9/15/60p1 Bouchard, Drina, is Miss New Hampshire 1960: 5/26/60p1,6/2/60p2,6/9/60p A1 Bouchard, George, and Jacqueline Turner are wed: 9/22/66p5 Bouchard, Jeannette, and Robert Arendtson are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4 Bouchard Jr., George, and Gloria Mayo are wed 3/20/65: 3/25/65p4 Bouchard, Marion E., died 10/29/69: 10/30/69p3 Bouchard, Mona, and John Abbott are wed 9/3/67: 10/12/67p5 Bouchard, Peter, and Margaret Welch are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p3 Bouchard, Philip, died 11/23/68: 11/28/68p1 Bouchard, Robert, and Donna Blake are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p5 Bouchard, Robert, and Judith Hanover are wed 7/27/63: 8/1/63p4 Boucher, John W., died 9/?

/63: 9/19/63p3 Boucher, Katherine, and Russell Pope are wed 8/23/69: 8/28/69p4 Boucher, Kathy, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/6/66p1 Boucher, Lucien, and Frances Burrows are wed: 7/11/63p B1 Boucher, Lucien J., died 9/22/66: 9/29/66p3 Boucher, Mattie A., died 12/18/61: 12/21/61p3 Boucher, Ronald, and Christine Waldron are wed 10/10/64: 10/22/64p4 Boucher, Rose Anna, died 5/31/67: 6/1/67p3 Boudreau, Clara O., died 5/6/69: 5/8/69p3 Boudreau III, Francis, and Linda Daudelin are wed 6/20/66: 7/7/66p4 Boudreau, Janet, and Ira Shannahof are wed 12/10/68: 12/19/68p4 Boudreau, Joan, and Stanley Focht Jr.

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