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You may wish to have a copy of these left with someone you trust.

If you do leave you can request the Police to accompany you back to the house to retrieve your personal possessions.

By taking the time to feel sad, connect with others, and feed your own joy, you will cope effectively with your separation.

If you are considering leaving an abusive relationship it is important that you plan where you could go to be safe such as friends, family or a women's refuge. Keep a small amount of cash, your mobile phone to make emergency calls, key cards, house keys, essential medications and important papers together in a place where you can get them quickly or have someone else retrieve them.

If there was an intention by either party to end the relationship permanently at the time of the breakup, then a court will probably find that your relationship was NOT continuous. Click here to find out the main differences upon separation between marriage and common law relationships in Canada.

Bearing a Temporary Separation Coping with a Breakup or Divorce Moving On Community Q&A Separation can mean many things — from divorce to the absence of a loved one during a leave of duty.

Whether you are going through a permanent or temporary separation, you may feel lost to yourself, heartbroken, and disoriented.

An interruption in the 3 years can destroy that continuity.

It really depends on the particular circumstances of the breakup.

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