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The United States is often considered the melting pot of cultures, which is a great thing.We have millions of people with different backgrounds and viewpoints from whom we can learn.Without them, San Antonio wouldn’t exist.“The goal of the Missions was both to save souls and to settle this part of Texas for Spain,” explains Janet Dietel, president of the San Antonio Conservation Society, which has worked to preserve and protect the Missions for future generations since its founding in 1924.In 2015, it was instrumental in the designation of the Missions—part of the National Park Service—as the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Texas, joining the ranks of Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Everglades national parks.“A key reason the missions became a World Heritage Site was the intact ranching and farming landscape surrounding the missions,” Dietel says.While “Escaramuza” challenges women dressed in colorful, hand-embroidered skirts to perform a series of exercises all while riding sidesaddle.

Rooted in centuries-old customs that pre-date the American cowboy, Charreadas began as a way to prepare riders for war.

Proceeds help promote gay rodeos Sponsors our contestants Note: Appearance or mention of any person living or dead on this web site does not confirm one's sexual orientation.

The dust flies as a cowboy, clad in boots, chaps, and spurs, gallops into the arena, horseback, ropes a steer, and leaps off his horse to finish the job. It could be any Texas rodeo if not for the Each spring, San Antonio honors its historic ties to Spain and Mexico with Fiesta, a 10-day citywide celebration.

A symbol of pride overseeing the bustling, modern city that has sprung up around it, the curved stone edifice is iconic, cemented in Western pop culture through various films and books.

People come from far and wide to learn about the fateful battle for Texian independence that took place inside its walls and hear the cry, “Remember the Alamo.”But Mission de Valero—the Alamo’s official name—has a long history that predates every Texan story of independence.

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