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8-th Oct 2004 Small update, fixes problem with smileys, 1.0 RC1b, download If you have installed 1.0 RC1 already, just replace file chat/with new one from forget to rename it to after downloading) 7-th Oct 2004 1.0 Release Candidat 1 is Since this version, there are no more differences between windows and unix versions, so you can download any archive you like. Changelog: images posting (from harddisc & from other server) configurable mod_voc configurable avatar settings additional parameter 'history size' for a welcome-page statistic in c daemon (/vocd? l=6: 31-st Jan 2004 Project has own domain name now. I'm transfering content and for some time not all services will be available.stat) removes 'session id' from messages i 'default' skin is renamed to 'basic' (which is more correct i think :)) i generates smileys-codes with *code* (star at the end) i my_time() for 'last action' and 'ban' times i colors are always in default language (the same list for all users if they use different layout languages) - bug fixes: robot answers in mysql_engine ban_check in mysql_engine private frame in mysql_engine tail ids updating in daemon.cpp, mysql_engine ranges for int values in profile udpate times for ban are displayed in system-language (the same for all users) check for an image-type when uploaded (not just for file-extension) htmlnick in mysql-ld_engine rooms deletion in admin-zone some xss limit for the number of nicks registered on one email address password reminder pre-moderated rooms (messages from ordinary users must be approved by moderator) possibility to use HTML-nicks (i.e. 2-nd Dec 2003 Four new language-packs for the last chat-version!It includes the new daemon written in C (for My SQL & Files engines and only for *nix systems).That daemon is 10-15 times faster than perl-version, and it can serve even more visitors (it was working with almost 500 users online).

According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of /10. Some other changes: messages and ban/unban logging options to hihglight messages if there is nick inside options to enable bold, italic & underlined messages configurable limits for user photos new admin rights -- edit & delete registered user.passwords are crypted with md5 i ban now uses 'canonical' nicks And, as ususal, some bug-fixes :) In the download area you can find Win- and *nix-versions of chat, pre-compiled versions of C daemon for Linux and Free BSD, and special version of perl-daemon wich works as windows system-service.It is written in PHP, but uses Perl or C for Voc-daemon -- the special program to handle multiple user-connections.With Voc you can establish a chat which will serve hundreds of visitors simultaneously.

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