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That way all the shots are of people DOING something naturally, rather than posing!

” Says Casting director Anita Guerra, “However she does it, whether it’s by relaxing people or her use of lighting, she has the ability to catch people in the candid moment when they are relaxed and their eyes, which have to communicate 90% of the personality, have a bright and alert look to them even if the person is not smiling.” Contact Jinsey today for more information about photography for internet dating.

If your date looks better onscreen than in life, here’s why When the first calls came in, says Jinsey Dauk, a photographer known for natural-light head shots of actors, she was puzzled.

But now a new startup has taken this verification idea to its logical conclusion. The site then provides a custom identifier that is unique to that picture.

Checked Profile launches today in the US, but is actually the brainchild of long-time UK entrepreneur Ben Way, who is now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You then write the identifier on a sheet of paper and take a picture of yourself holding that page.

In fact, the site says over 80% of online daters have suspected that the profile images being used online are fakes and over a third have actually discovered that a person’s identity does not match that of their online persona. And what I don’t get is why they can’t apply a facial recognition technology to this process or perhaps crowd-source it – because having humans checking profile does not scale.

But Way insists that they “have an incredibly efficient back end” that takes on average 20 seconds to verify a photo, and that other facial recognition technologies are not up to the job yet.

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