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The only city with more violent crimes is Las Vegas, Nevada.Detroit's STD rate didn't help it much, either: it has the eighth-most STD cases per capita."#4 — ORLANDO, FL "The four most dangerous cities for online dating are also the four with the highest STD rates.Safe Wise is an industry leader in home security, describing its mission as one committed to increasing safety education, awareness, and preparedness in American communities.High Speed assists consumers make informed decisions when choosing an Internet service provider.Again, the large, full-point gap in safety score is significant.

It ranks second for violent crimes per capita (2,011 per 100,000 residents).

In its early stages, online dating was viewed as a last resort for the romantically desperate, researchers noted.

Yet as people's lives became more integrated with the Internet, dating websites and apps shook that stigma in making such interactions part of the mainstream, researchers added.

To that end, researchers at High Speed and Safe analyzed a year's worth of STD (sexually transmitted disease) and violent crime data, then adjusted it for population to determine a safety score.

These scores tell you the cities where you should feel safe meeting people and those where you may want to use extra caution.

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That's over 13% higher."#2 — RIVERSIDE, CA "Riverside, California is the second-most dangerous city in the US for online dating and the most dangerous in the West.

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